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We are specialist practitioners who are experienced teachers working in primary and secondary schools, mainstream and special educational needs.We understand the difficulties experienced by dyslexic students and recognise the frustration parents may feel when their child’s full potential is not being realised. We hold Assessment Practising Certificates enabling us to carry out full diagnostic assessments for dyslexia. An assessment helps to identify a child’s learning strengths and weaknesses which we outline in a comprehensive report along with recommendations of how best to support your child at home and in school.

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Dr Kate Wrennall

Kate has a Doctorate in Lifelong Education, A Masters Degree in Counselling and Degree in Psychology. She also holds the National Award for Special Educational Needs Coordination along with being a Specialist Dyslexia Teacher and an Assessor of children with Specific Learning Difficulties.

Kate memberships include: A Fellow of the Society for Education and Training, Associate Membership of the British Dyslexia Association (19/AMF07085), and holds an Assessment Practising Certificate (22/APC11153).

Kate has 25 years experience of teaching both mainstream and special educational needs. She decided to specialise in dyslexia in order to support her daughter who experienced literacy difficulties throughout her primary and secondary educational schooling. She understands the concerns and frustrations parents can often feel, if their child is not currently reaching their full potential.

Over the years Kate has taught and supported many children within the mainstream classroom who displayed good understanding verbally but struggled to write down their ideas, found it difficult to remember ideas and often disorganised.

She has observed first hand how having a diagnosis of dyslexia and being taught in a dyslexia friendly way, along with having the necessary reasonable adjustments in the classroom and in informal and formal examinations can raise a child’s attainment, self-esteem and self-belief that they can achieve in the world.

Specialist Teaching

Dyslexia tends to be resistant to conventional teaching methods, but its effects can be mitigated by appropriate and specific intervention.
By understanding a young person’s individual needs, we can deliver a specific dyslexia programme or we can provide dyslexia friendly subject tuition, that empowers and creates opportunities whilst delivering the best possible outcomes.

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